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Sound, sturdy, devoted

About Us

At Turnabout, we are dedicated to preserving and improving the Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) breed. We are diligent in insuring that all puppies and their owners are set up for success.

Our passion for these beautiful dogs is evident in everything we do. From the care and training we provide on our small Elbert County, Colorado ranch to the loving forever homes we help each dog find, we believe every dog deserves a happy and healthy life.

At the Elbert Ranch, we commit to preservation breeding by combining only the best individuals in structure and temperament. We follow strict criteria for health testing and evaluate the dogs and puppies ourselves to ensure they meet our high standards. In addition to our evaluations, we use trusted members of the dog community to also assess the structure and temperament of all our dogs.

We believe that every dog deserves a wonderful life, and we are committed to making that a reality for each and every one of our furry friends. Thank you for visiting our website and sharing in our love for these loyal and loving companions.

At our Elbert ranch, we are committed to preserving the breed by breeding only the best puppies in terms of structure and temperament. We follow strict criteria for health testing, and we evaluate the dogs and puppies ourselves to ensure that they meet our high standards. In addition to our own evaluations, we also use trusted members of the dog community to assess the structure and temperament of all our dogs. 

We are constantly striving to improve our knowledge by participating in workshops, programs, and symposiums so that we can continue to provide the best possible care for these amazing dogs.  We are keeping abreast of developments in feeding, breeding and training and handling techniques to improve and enhance the dog’s lives.

Our lives are devoted to the health and well being of the dogs in our care.  We are breeder owner handlers. This is not just in competition, everyday of our lives the dogs come first. We built them their own facility so they can thrive in any weather, any time of year.

Our struggle is not being able to pursue everything we want to do with these capable dogs.  ACDs excel in many venues, and we want to be able to showcase our dogs in all of them.  We invest much of our time in conformation events as we value having Championships on our breeding stock.  We have much success with placing our pups in performance homes where their people can invest their personal expertise and excel in their chosen venue.

Many of our puppy buyers become family.  Turnabout is not a “One and Done.”  There is service after the sale, striving for success for the lifetime of the dog. We pride ourselves on matching families with the right pup. We have very few dogs returned for any reason. When we place our puppies, we prioritize personality, matching each pup to the criteria requested by the new family. If a family can no longer care for their Turnabout ACD, we welcome the dog back for any reason.

Our dogs are best suited for active singles, couples or families with much older children.  Close supervision is required for young children and other animals.


Amy at Turnabout has been amazing since adopting our loveable Duke in 2021!  It is obvious that Amy cares about her dogs and about the successful placement of each into a home where they will thrive.  At the start, Amy interviewed us not only to ensure our home was conducive to raising a cattle dog but also to get a sense of the personality and temperament that would best match our family and lifestyle.  Although the process was different than what we had seen elsewhere, we were matched with the perfect dog for us!  Furthermore, Amy continues to care about her dogs even after they’ve been adopted; as she periodically asks how things are going, has offered her guidance with training/diet, texts me each year on his birthday, and always enjoys seeing pictures! I recommend Turnabout to every person who asks me about Duke!

– Shiara R

Amy’s background:

She grew up as a working student on a local farm.  Her passion was horses from a young age and by the 6th grade she was able to apply that passion in a practical way.  She worked with the horses in many capacities.  She did the obligatory feeding, watering and cleaning through highschool but also was able to interact on different levels.  With the school horses she developed her passion for teaching by helping out and then going on to become a riding instructor.  She also helped by assisting with the riding program for handicapped individuals.  She brought her knowledge with her to college where she was captain of the intercollegiate riding team.  In equestrian sports, her passion was eventing and she trained an off the track thoroughbred for lower level events.

After finishing college, she worked for one of the top hunter/jumper Junior riders on the east coast as a barn manager.  Working with world class horses in best in class facilities broadened her horizons.

She moved west in 2000 to the great state of Colorado with her dad’s dearly beloved Boston Terrier, Reggie.  Believing he needed a pal, she went to the Denver Dumb Friends League and adopted her first Australian Cattle Dog, Curtis.  She did not have any previous knowledge of the breed and quickly found out her newly chosen pup was not suited to apartment living.  She committed to the wellbeing of the dog and enrolled him in training and agility classes.  It was a natural crossover from her previous horse life.  They excelled in the sport.  She also moved into a house in the suburbs.

Amy wanted a pup to bring along in the sport. She then did some research and found Duwest Australian Cattle dogs on the eastern plains of Colorado. She requested a dog with drive and attitude and Jack, Duwest Jackrabbit, lived up to the promise and more. Lori and her daughter, Roxanne, continue to be trusted mentors.

In 2013,  Amy acquired the current home of Turnabout in Elbert county.  Nestled in the pines on 36 acres, the dogs have room to grow and thrive. The rolling terrain is perfect for training, exercising, and conditioning. A true oasis.

In 2018, Amy met Justin, a truly pivotal point in Turnabout. Justin and his family had hunting dogs throughout his life that they had trained and hunted. At the onset, Justin did not know what he was in for but he readily jumped in with both feet. He did his research on the breed and handling for the conformation ring. With turtoring from some of the best in the business, hard work, and dedication, he has become a worthy competitor in just a few short years. Justin became an intigral part of the team that makes Turnabout.

They are both heavily involved in the breed.  Amy was nominated and voted to be the Sweepstakes Judge for the 2021 ACDCA National Specialty.   Justin and Amy put on the 2022 Australian Cattle Dog Club of America National Specialty in Greeley, CO.  Amy is a member and Code of Ethics Committee Chair for the national club.  She is also an approved Judge’s Mentor for ACDCA, the only one in Colorado.  Turnabout is also recognized as an AKC Breeder of Merit as well as the Bred with H.E.A.R.T. program.

Amy has also became a United Kennel Club judge in 2015.  She travels coast to coast judging throughout the year.  She is currently working on her senior status.

Justin and Amy believe in giving back to the community as well.  They judge for and give lessons to 4H kids throughout the state on local, county, and state levels.

They attend many shows in Colorado and beyond.

Amy’s professional life also revolves around companion animals.  She has worked for several pet food manufactures in the last 20 years and brings vast nutritional knowledge and expertise to her own dogs and will share it with her puppy buyers.

Think you can do better feeding Fido or Fifi? Feeling like brown and round might be boring for your dog or cat? I can help. With almost 20 years in the pet food industry, I can help you make feeding time more fun and nourishing. From picking the best base and tailoring add-ins to your specific pet, we can style a diet that will make both you and your pet look forward to dinner time. Working from kibble, cans, freeze-dried, or raw, we can make it convenient for you and mouth-watering for your pet.
I offer online consults anywhere in the United States and in-person services in Elbert and El Paso Counties in Colorado. Email me here, or visit our site at

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