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AKC Australian Cattle Dogs For Sale

Turnabout’s Available Dogs

Working as a serious preservation breeder for Australian Cattle Dogs, Turnabout emphasizes producing the best possible litter with each and every breeding.  This means that we will typically want to keep a puppy to go forward in our breeding program here at the ranch.  That being said, we will usually have several nice pups available for pet and performance homes with each litter.  

The reservation process is fairly simple.  First, you will request an application from us by email ( Next, we will set up a phone interview.  This conversation is very important.  We will discover your wants and desires when it comes to a puppy.  If it is criteria we believe we can meet with the upcoming litters, we will add you to the waiting list.  At that time, a nonrefundable holding fee of $500 will be due.  We will work to get you a pup with the desired traits as soon as possible.  Preservation breeders are not puppy vending machines.  It may take some time to get the desired temperament.   It will be worth the wait, however.  Finding a puppy that will fit into your family’s lifestyle will set you and the pup up for success.

Turnabout also uses the application process for adults and retired show dogs.  Please request an application to get started.

Pending and Upcoming Litters

Turnabout hopes to have a spring 2024 litter of reds and blues. Still taking applications.

Pending 2024 Spring litter

Roger x Watts

Cobbers Have a Cigar at Turnabout x Turnabout Some Kind of Wonderful

Roger, Cobbers Have a Cigar at Turnabout and Watts, Turnabout Some Kind of Wonderful. This will be an all blue litter. Please visit both Roger and Watts’ pages to find out more information about the parents.

Now accepting applications.

Check back here for future litter announcements.

Some of our 2023 Pups

retired australian cattle dogs for sale

We believe strongly in doing what is best for the dogs and we place many of our adults and retired dogs with loving families when their careers here are finished.  These dogs have happily fulfilled their roles in the ring and at the ranch and we are thrilled to have them start another chapter of their lives.  Some of our dogs go on to continue their show careers in Junior Showmanship but most become hiking or running buddies or even couch potatoes.  

Be certain to check back often to see if your next companion shows up on our page.

Available Australian Cattle Dog Adults

RDiamondBar Pure Imagination @ Turnabout “Fiona”


Fiona is a young red girl who would make a great companion.  True to the breed, she would like a person to call her own.  She has good energy and would love to run the trail and then cuddle in your lap.  She has all health clearances, which are as follows: PLL and PRA clear by parentage, RCD4 clear or carrier, hearing normal.

She walks very well on leash and is crate trained.  She most enjoys her time at home but has traveled a bit with the show team and has been exposed to other dogs and situations.  She was 2 in August. She would do best in a home by herself at first.

Fiona has both her major wins towards her AKC Championship thanks to Andrea Wojo! 2 4 point majors, one at the Greeley Kennel Club show in August. The other at Cheyenne Kennel Club in September. She also earned 3 more single points at the Southern Colorado Kennel Club show in Pueblo, Colorado in November putting her well within reach of her AKC Championship.


Turnabout Notorious


Zeb is a highly intelligent dog. He is very exuberant and would excel in a performance home. Super athletic is an understatement. He would be ready as a running and hiking partner. Zeb is leash and crate trained. He has also been excellent in off leash situations here at the ranch.

From time to time, we will also feature other dogs from partner kennels.


Before I approached Amy about a puppy, I asked several of my cattle dog and agility friends about breeders.  They all told me that Amy breeds nice, athletic dogs and is an honest and kind person to work with.  You want to work WITH your breeder when you are buying a dog – they know the puppies and can pick the puppy that fits what you are looking for.  They are also a key person who will support you in raising your puppy – whether they are for competition, work, or you are looking for a companion/partner in crime. 

I picked up Ferris (Turnabout Fahrenheit) in October 2022.  He’s exactly what I wanted – smart as a whip, athletic, super handsome, and built for my sport, agility.  He’s still young, but his training is coming along beautifully due to his work ethic and intelligence.  As well as agility, we’ve also started a bit of herding with him as I like to see a working dog get to express their true nature.  

He’s wonderful to live with, getting along with our other two females well, and he has a great off-switch.  He’s also a real clown and makes us laugh regularly.

Amy has been there to answer questions and even took Ferris for a visit when I had to have surgery.  She’s been very supportive as he has grown from puppy to adolescent, and is generous with her time and knowledge.

-Loni, a turnabout puppy owner

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