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AKC Australian Cattle Dog Puppies

How to find an Australian Cattle Dog Puppy

We want to help you find the best puppy for your situation. 

We highly encourage you to look for the following:

  • Breeders that health test for the things the parent club, Australian Cattle Dog Club of America, has highlighted.
  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
  • Various eye conditions including PRA, PRA-rcd4, and PLL, CERF testing
  • BEAR Hearing Testing.
  • You should talk with the breeder and see what their policy is about returning a puppy, and if they have any resources to help you after the sale.
  • Are they a current and active member of the parent club?  Why or why not?
  • Are they a Breeder of Merit with AKC?  Are they Bred with H.E.A.R.T.? Are they currently or have ever been under sanctions with the parent club or AKC? 
  • Will you be able to meet one or both parents or other relatives? 
  • Are they open to meeting you?  Can they provide a medical history? 
  • How are they giving back to the breed?

How much is an Australian Cattle dog puppy?


Turnabout Australian Cattle Dog Puppies will be between $2500-$4000 depending on what you are looking for.  Most puppies will be sold to loving companion homes, but we do sell to those looking for their next show, breeding or performance dog. Special preference will be given to sport/performance/working homes. We reserve the right to change our prices at any time.

What is the reservation process for a Turnabout ACD?


We at Turnabout have a reservation process that starts with a written application.  From there, we will set up a phone interview to be certain we are a good fit.  Upon acceptance, a non-refundable holding fee will be required, and your name will be placed upon the reservation list.  The reservation list will be for the next two litters of puppies. 

What is the process for picking your ACD Puppy?

Puppy Selection

When the litter is born, we will be watching the development from day one. As the litter grows, personalities will start to emerge.  In the application and interview process, we will have established the list of attributes you would like to see in your pup.  We will be watching for those and will let you know the pup that most closely identifies with that list.  Many times, color and gender can be accommodated but a puppy will not be placed solely on markings.  Personality and attitude play the biggest role in placement.  If you want a double-masked male and also a sedate pup that lays at your feet and the double-masked is a go-getter, that puppy will not be placed in your home.  You will spend the next 12-15 years of your life with the dog and his or her personality, you need something you can live with not just look at.  Please do not look at photos and get your heart set on a particular puppy.  There are many things that come into play for puppy selections and attitude and personality are paramount to looks.

Turnabout also breeds to retain something for its breeding program.  “Pick puppies” are most likely going to be kept by us.  

Show/Breeding/Performance Prospects?

Show/Performance Prospects

These puppies are given special consideration at Turnabout.  While we can not retain all pups with that special sparkle, preference will be given to these pups when it comes to proven show or performance homes.  This may result in one or more pups not being available to companion homes.  

We make a concerted effort to place the right pup in the right home.  Helping our pups and their people achieve the maximum level they want to reach.

Lifelong resources


Here at Turnabout, we strive to be a lifelong resource. We are not a one-and-done breeder after the sale is over. Getting updates about our puppies brings us great joy. We want our folks to send photos and stories of everyday life or fun accomplishments. We want to be the first place you turn to when you have questions. If we can not personally help you, we will do our best to provide resources that can.

Vaccination/DeWorming schedule


Depending on the age of your puppy, it will have at least its first round of vaccinations. We will provide you with a detailed vaccination recommendation to share with your veterinarian. We follow Dr. Dodd’s Vaccination Protocol to avoid immune system damage or health issues that can be caused by early or excessive vaccinations.  While we follow the Dr. Dodds protocol, we urge you to discuss this with your personal veterinarian to find what is right for your particular situation.

We will also follow a worming protocol in the weeks before your puppy goes home to ensure the most vibrant pup when they go home.

Housebreaking/Crate training

House Breaking/Crate Training

We work hard to have your puppy go home with the fundamentals of crate training down. They will have been started in a crate at night and it will be up to you to continue with that care.  Crates are vitality important to setting both you and the puppy up for success.  YOU MUST BE COMMITTED to the continuation of using the crate for the lifetime of the dog.  It is an important tool in the vitality and success of your dog.

Follow the link below for more information on the importance of crate training.



All pups will be permanently identified with a microchip before leaving Turnabout. These most likely will be AKC Reunite chips.  This happens for a few reasons.  It is required for a few of the health certifications we perform before they are released.  It also links them back to Turnabout.  We encourage you to keep your chip information updated but in the event of an emergency where you can not be reached, authorities will contact us.

Vet checks

Vet Checks

All pups will be seen by a licensed veterinarian before they depart from Turnabout.  Any health concerns will be noted at that time and discussed with the potential buyer.  The new puppy owner also has the obligation to seek their own vet check within the first 7 days of receipt.  Any additional health concerns must be brought up at that time with the breeder.

BAER Hearing tests


Prior to final evaluations all puppies will be hearing checked by a licensed veterinarian and will go home with a copy of their hearing test.  They will be officially entered into the OFA database and results will be posted.  If a pup is not found to be bilateral hearing, we will consult with the veterinarian and will possibly retest to confirm.

Occasionally we will have pups that are unilateral hearing but these pups go on to live normal lives in companion homes.

Eye testing

Eye Testing

The Turnabout sires and dams are tested for or declared clear by parentage before breeding. We also try to keep up with CERF certifications when available.  The tests we regularly generate on pups are PRA, PRA4, and PLL.   Any results from tests that are performed will be provided to the buyer with the puppy.

Temperament Testing

Puppy temperament testing

All pups are exposed to Early Neurological Stimulation (visit link at bottom to learn more) during their first days of life. They are also given a temperament testing typically around the same time as their structural evaluation at 8 weeks. The litter is also monitored closely from the time they are on the ground to watch for interaction between littermates, dam, and other dogs and humans.



Every effort is made to socialize pups with different stimuli throughout their time here.  They will have various apparatus to encourage resiliency like puppy play gyms, noise makers, uneven surfaces, and different textures.  They typically have met a number of different people of varying ages during play dates we arrange.  We introduce them to the different breeds we have on-premises.  We highly encourage you to get your puppy out and to classes as soon as you get them home.

Dog parks

Dog Parks

Dog parks are not a place for cattle dogs at any time during their lives.  The nature of a cattle dog is to control their environment and there is no good scenario at a dog park for them.  Turnabout will not guarantee the health, nor temperament of a pup that is exposed to a dog park at any time in their lives.

Pick up age

Pick Up Age

Most puppies are ready to go after the structural evaluation at 8 weeks.  We reserve the right to keep any pups past that age if they need some additional time here.



We highly encourage our puppy parents to research their pet’s diet.  Here we feed a combination of raw and hyper-premium kibble and canned foods.  We believe this gives our pups the best chance of staying healthy throughout their lives.  Our pups will go home when possible with a starter pack of what we are feeding.



Most puppies will be sold on a spay/neuter contract.  The breeder will remain on the registration papers until this is completed and proof from the vet will be required prior to release.

We strongly encourage that puppies are not altered prior to 1 year of age or their first heat cycle for females.  The hormones play an important role in regulating many body processes as well as the onset of common problems and diseases.  The buyer will be responsible for this and any veterinary care during the life of the pup.


AKC Limited Registration

Along with the spay/neuter contract, most pups leaving Turnabout will go with AKC Limited Registration.  This will not inhibit you from enjoying your pup to its full potential.  You may choose to pursue and participate in any performance events AKC offers.  This only means that any puppies produced by that dog will not be registrable with the AKC.



Every dog leaving Turnabout will be sold under a contract.  A copy will be provided prior to the sale so the buyer will be able to ask questions.  Most of the items in the contract have been covered on this page.


Transportation after the sale

We would love the opportunity to meet each and every one of our puppy buyers as most become family.  If in the event we can not personally connect with you at the time you get your pup, we have a number of contacts in the industry of puppy nannies and transportation services.  We will be happy to talk with you about various options.

For Sale

Retired or Adult Dogs for sale

Not ready for a puppy or want the enjoyment of a dog that has already completed the puppy stage?  Check out our Adults for sale.


I recently had the pleasure of acquiring a Cattle Dog from Amy Tuner. I can confidently say that it was an exceptional experience from start to finish. The professionalism, knowledge, and care exhibited by the breeder were truly outstanding, and I couldn’t be happier with my new best friend.
I am impressed by Amy’s commitment to responsible breeding practices. She provided us with thorough information about the health history, temperament, and lineage of our puppy. The puppies were well-cared for and had been socialized in a loving environment, which was evident in their confident and friendly nature.
When it was time to bring my new Cattle Dog home, Amy ensured that I had all the necessary documentation, including health records, vaccination details, and registration papers. She also provided me with a comprehensive care package, including food, toys, and useful tips on training and raising a Cattle Dog.
Beyond the initial adoption process, Amy has continued to be a valuable resource and a supportive presence. She has remained available to answer any questions I have had as my puppy settles into his new home. It’s evident that she genuinely cares about the well-being of her dogs and strives to maintain a lifelong relationship with the families she matches her puppies with.
Overall, my experience with Amy Tuner was exceptional in every aspect. Her professionalism, expertise, and genuine love for her cattle dogs sets her apart from other breeders. I would highly recommend her to anyone in search of a Cattle Dog. Her breeding practices are top notch, and you can tell she cares about the dogs even after they are adopted. She breeds show dogs and while my dog is not a show dog, I can see from her social media what an amazing line she has. My husband has known her longer than me and while we never considered getting a dog from a breeder, we knew Amy’s breeding practices were top notch and therefore, when the opportunity presented itself, we decided to adopt this dog.

-Mandy M

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